Hysteresis Brake & Clutch
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  * As a Coupling     * As a Clutch   *As a Pay-Off Brake  
   This is for load protection or torque limiting. The coupling style unit is directly connected to a motor and turns at the same speed as the motor until the torque is reached. At this point it will slip and still generate the max torque.      The unit is connected to a motor by a timing belt or gear. The housing is driven and the shaft is the output end.


     Brake is stationary and the reel or material is fitted to the output shaft. The tension on the material will vary with the diameter.


이미지 모델 형상 Torque (Nm) Dimensions
513 Shaft * 0.001Nm~0.014Nm
* 0.001Nm~0.007Nm
* 0.0003Nm~0.002Nm
520 Shaft * 0.003Nm~0.14Nm
* 0.001Nm~0.08Nm
520 Shaft/Stud * 0.003Nm~0.14Nm
* 0.001Nm~0.08Nm
527 Shaft * 0.003Nm~0.14Nm
* 0.001Nm~0.08Nm
655 Shaft * 0.014Nm~0.56Nm 보기

(old 609)

Shaft(HD) * 0.035Nm~0.62Nm 보기
523 Shaft * 0.03Nm~1.36Nm 보기
523 Hollow * 0.03Nm~1.36Nm 보기
523 Coupling * 0.03Nm~1.36Nm 보기

(old 880)

Shaft(HD) * 0.15Nm~1.46Nm 보기
535 Shaft * 0.11Nm~2.80Nm 보기
610 Shaft * 0.14Nm~4.5Nm 보기
610 Hollow * 0.14Nm~4.5Nm 보기
610 Coupling * 0.14Nm~4.5Nm 보기
663 Shaft * 0.33Nm~7.9Nm 보기
806 Hollow * 0.33Nm~7.9Nm 보기

(old 608)

Shaft(HD) * 0.42Nm~7.9Nm 보기

(old 929)

Face Mount * 0.68Nm~15.8Nm 보기
MB320 Face Mount * 2.00Nm~36.0Nm 보기